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I was lucky enough to be given a personalised tour of the Voice and Vote exhibition at the Houses of Parliament by merchandising manager Linsey Davies in September. I finally managed a visit the exhibition with my good friend ceramicist Timea Sido.

Voice and vote exhibition

  The exhibition is very well thought out and takes you through the history of the women's suffrage movement. Of course part of the reason for going to the exhibition was to see the Women's Suffrage jewellery collection I had created for the exhibiton. Although the lovely Deneke from Hidden Art had been kind enough to send me some photographs of my jewellery it was great to see it in situ. The shop is an integral part of the exhibition with all of the items for sale laid out beautifully.

Voice and Vote exhibition Sally Lees #sallyleesjewellery  Jewellery collection by Sally Lees at The Houses of Parliament Voice and Vote exhibition

It was also great to get another look at the New Dawn light sculpture made by Mary Branson where the original inspiration for the women's suffrage jewellery collection came from.

New Dawn - Sally Lees

Walking through the exhibition and appreciating all of the sacrifices the women of the suffrage movement endured is a humbling experience. Let us not forget Emily Wilding Davison who hid herself in a broom cupboard in The Houses of Parliament during the 1911 census. The broom cupboard is recreated for the exhibition with the plaque that Tony Benn put up in her honour without permission.
Emmeline Pankhusrt Womens suffrage medal
Militant Emiline Pankhurst whose 'Deeds not words' mantra was carried out by her and her fellow suffragettes also features in the exhibition for the huge part she played in securing the vote for women. The women's human sacrifies through hunger strikes and force feeding was rewarded by medals and certificates.
       Ladies Gallery  Womens suffrage petition
The curators of the exhibition have built a replica of the 'Ladies Gallery' where women were allowed to watch the parlimentary debates. This was where the Women's Freedom League chained themselves to the railings as a protest. One of the petitions that was taken to parliament was also on display.
Suffrage Certificate  Proclamation  NUWSS book
I particularly liked this quote! "Every boy in Manchester should be taught to darn his own socks and cook his own chops"
 Womens suffrage best quote ever!
Uplifting too was the wall of names of all of the womens who are now in Parliament. We have come a long way since the first 'mass' petition was taken to Parliament in 1866.
Wall of women's names We've come a long way - Voice and Vote exhibition - Sally Lees

So you all know what to do ladies!

Sally Lees says Ladies Vote!

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