Camden Council Business Award Plaques 2015

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  Looking back to 2015 

Making the Camden Cuncil Business Awards

Looking back in time to a very busy year - 2015. Just before I made the collection of women's suffrage jewellery to accompany Mary Branson's 'New Dawn' light sculpture I was asked once again to make the Business Awards plaques for Camden Council. After the success of the hand printed aluminium plaues I made for Camden Business at their inaugural event in 2013 they asked me to make the plaques for the second Camden Business awards event in 2015.

The first steps to achieving your goals on a commission is to work closely with your client and deliver on time and because I had worked with Camden Council in 2013 and they liked the plaques I had created they trusted me to make them again.

This year we opted for a zingy magenta for the plaques which perfectly matched the new Camden Council logo.

Digitally printing aluminium wasn't widely available at the time so once again I created my drawings then had a rubber stamp made up of the drawing and the titles fro each award recipient.

Stamp made from illustration by Sally Lees copyright 2015

The Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, another iconic Camden building, was to be the venue for the awards ceremony so was the obvious choice for the architectural drawing to be featured on the plaques.

Rosewood Hotel illustration by Sally Lees copyright 2015

 The end result was a set of hand printed and dyed anodised aluminium plaques which were awarded to the winners of each business award category. Each time an award was accepted I felt like I had won as each individual plaque that was handed to them was made by me!

I was thinking that hopefully they will let me make the next set of plaques in orange - my favourite colour!


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