'The Brooch is Back' Brooch Exhibition with Transport for London 2017

In 2017 Sally was selected with 12 other jewellers to create a series of brooches inspired by the London Underground. Sally chose the iconic shape of the roundal and embellished it with her drawings of flowers. The 'Farringdon Snowdrop' was inspired by the story of John Groom who provided a work place for disabled female flower sellers in the ward of Clerkenwell in the 1800's.


The brooch is made from hand resist printed and dyed aluminium with a cross section of a snowdrop one of the flowers used by John Groom's female flower sellers.

The subsequent brooch designs included Rare Kew Gardens plants and flowers incluing Jade Vine and the Fritillaria meleagris tulip.


Sally also used her drawings of animals including penguins and flamingos to illustrate her 'London Zoo' brooches.