Sustainability and Recycling

My jewellery is made by hand on a one-off or small batch productio. basis. 

Recycling – I reuse a lot of the off cuts I produce from my aluminium for other jewellery items. The rest of my aluminium off cuts are recycled by a local scrapyard. All silver dust and off cuts are also recycled by bullion dealers or melted down and reused by myself.

Glue – I sometimes use a two-part epoxy glue (sparingly) but only use it on a few pieces to secure those pieces.

Transport: I have never owned a car and don't drive so I walk to my studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford, unless it is raining when I might take the bus (before Covid anyway).

Delivery of products: All Sally Lees products are shipped using Royal Mail and we use eco boxes and packaging materials when and where possible. We recycle any packaging we recieve in deliveries to us and use a minimum of paper by not printing emails.

Recent Changes in working with aluminium:

We have recently moved from dying all of our aluminium to having a large bulk of the aluminium printed digitally by a subcontractor for all new products. The digital printing process requires less water and therefore has less of a carbon imprint, it is also less wasteful due to its accuracy.