Care Instructions for your Sally Lees (London) Jewellery

Keep your purchase in its original box and in a dry place if possible.

Please do not use abrasive materials on any of your purchases.

Only use a silver cloth or a soft cotton cloth for silver surfaces. Use only soapy water and an old soft bristle toothbrush on aluminium surfaces.

Aluminium Brooches with steel pins and silver components: Keep your brooch in the original box when not worn and in a damp free place. Any silver components, rivets and brooch components and stoppers, should occasionally be rubbed with a duster or silver cloth.

On aluminium surfaces (these are the vibrantly coloured areas) Use only a little soapy water and an old toothbrush to rub off any dirt. Dry carefully with a dry cotton cloth. (A cotton tea towel does a great job).

Earrings: Please keep your earrings in the original box whilst not wearing them. Rub silver earring wires with a silver cloth or a clean soft cloth regularly.

Silver and aluminium Cufflinks: Please keep your cufflinks in the original box when not worn. Use only a silver cloth to clean silver areas and warm soapy water with an old soft bristled tooth brush to clean the aluminium parts when needed. Always dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

Silver Items: Use only a silver cloth or a cotton cloth to clean silver cufflinks and other items.

Gold plated cufflinks: Use only a silver or gold cloth or a soft cotton cloth occasionally to keep clean and dust free.

Brass items: To keep the item's shine rub with a soft cloth or use in conjunction with brass cleaner (Brasso is good) for a high shine.