Commission to make Jewellery for the Voice & Vote Women's Suffrage Exhibition at The Houses of Parliament 2018

In 2018 Sally was once again commissioned by The Houses of Parliament to make jewellery this time for the Voice & Vote exhibition celebrating women's suffrage.


Some of the 'New Dawn' jewellery, made to accompany the launch of Mary Branson's light sculpture 'New Dawn' in 2016, was recommissioned and colours previously not featured in the collection were included.


Amongst the new items commissioned was the 'New Dawn' statement necklace in the vibrant colours of all of the suffrage organisations.

The reversible drop earrings were made in combinations of red and green to represent the National Women's Union of Suffrage Societies in addition to the original design for the earrings which celebrated the purple and green of the Women's Social and Political Union.

A selection of the jewellery can be purchased on The Houses of Parliament Shop

 The collection can also be purchased directly from the Sally Lees (London) Jewellery online shop