New Craft Journey - Part 1

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I recently applied for the Arts Council England Developing Proffessional Practice Grant and was accepted.

My application was to learn how to hand engrave and to improve my enamelling skills. Enamelling being a skill I hadn't had the opportunity to explore in any depth during my career.

I enlisted the expertise of a crafts women whose work I greatly admired - Jane Short and Jessica Turrell and embarked on a schedule of work tailored to me.

Engraving isn't easy! Learning the principles took quite some time plus we had to do some of the instruction online due to Covid restrictions. lJane Short taught me via Zoom and in person at her studio in Brighton.However, I learnt a lot and here are some examples of my progress. 

Sally Lees London Jewellery - engraving inspiration

Sally Lees - Jewellery - engraving with drawings       Sally Lees - Jewellery - engraving 3

Sally Lees Jewellery - engraving and grvers




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