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It's a mystery to many people what us designer makers do all day in our cosy little studios.

Drinking tea or coffee and listening to the radio whilst eating biscuits and idly doodling our designs then hey presto a collection of jewellery/ceramics/textiles (etc) is born!

Well not quite like that though it is very close...

An idea is conceived but that's when the hard work really starts. Figuring out how to make the object and deciding whether it looks as good in it's three dimensional form as it did in your mind's eye is key and a skill in itself. No matter which design you choose to go with a whole lot of work definitely does get done at some point.

Not that I'm complaining of course, I have always liked drawing since I was a child. My parents supplied me with oodles of drawing paper and felt tip pens always in loads of colours. I loved drawing and colouring in and spent hours inventing my own cartoon characters as I was convinced that I would become a cartoonist or book illustrator like Richard Scarry or Roger Hargreaves when I grew up.

At school I couldn't wait for the art class and at home I would have sat inside for hours writing and illustrating my books of poems and cartoons, all held together with sewing thread along the folds of the paper, had my parents not encouraged me to go and play outside. Which I did, although it was only to sit under a tree with my drawing books and crayons and sit in the sun and draw!

I continued to hone my creative skills with the encouragement of all of my family until I finally reached Art college...but that's another blog post.

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