Birth Flower Jewellery

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Well it's been another hectic week at the studio with some ideas that were in my imagination finally becoming reality.

A collection of Birth Flower Jewellery has come to life with illustrations of Larkspur, Gladiolus and Asters gracing the surface of each new piece I created.

I drew the flowers a few months ago and they were waiting patiently to be turned into stamps. I need the stamps as I resist print the aluminium then dye it by hand in small dye baths.

The process of dying aluminium is an exact science in industry. However, being a creative soul, I do like to leave it up to chance a bit so I don't time the dye baths or dip dye the aluminium in the right order and manage to achieve some gorgeous colours that way.

Not so good if you want batches of jewellery to be exactly the same colour everytime but I think that each customer deserves a unique piece of jewellery, don't you?

I had been thinking of making some cuffs, earrings and pendants that have a significance for the wearer for a while now and birth flowers certainly convey this sentiment. A great gift for birthdays, weddings or 'just because...'

I already had Roses, Carnations and Daffodils in my collection but I still have a few more flowers to print and jewellery to create so watch this space...

For a list of all the birth flowers see this website

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