The Handmade Festival - September 2019

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The Handmade Festival was a great show to exhibit at and we were incredibly lucky with the weather too. Three days of September sun put everyone in a buying mood.

The Handmade Festival with Kirstie Allsopp

The companies on either side and in front of me were lovely so I went home having made some new friends like Adam and Justine from Fantasy Wire.

    The Handmade FestivalThe Handmade Festival - Sally LeesThe Handmade Festival - Sally Lees Exhibition Stand

The Handmade Festival is hosted by both Channel 4's campion of Craft Kirstie Allsopp and Liz Earle from Liz Earle Beauty Brand and brings an inspiring collection of creative people and skilled makers to celebrate all aspects of both contemporary and homemade craft. The three day festival encourages everyone to get hands-on and learn new skills in workshops or have a great day out shopping from over 200 designer makers.

  Lorna Syson and Sally Lees Sally Lees and Kirstie Allsopp

It was lovely to meet Kirstie in person and to catch up with some old friends especially Lorna Syson who used to have a studio on my corridor at Cockpit Arts in Deptford. I also met some new customers who were happy to be photographed wearing their new purchases.

Bangle Sally Lees  The Handmade Festival

For the show I created some new aluminium bird and flowers brooches from offcuts of aluminium gathered from other projects. The brooch concept is of Victorian cameos but instead of portraits of people the brooches have brightly coloured birds as the protagonists surrounded by layers of floral prints.

Sally Lees - Aluminium brooches  Sally Lees brooches
All in all a successful show and hope to see everyone there next year.

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