Handmade at Kew - Making Roses inspired jewellery

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Roses are beautiful flowers and convey messages depending on their colours. Red roses are a symbol of true love, yellow brings messages of platonic love and white conveys innocence and purity.

Sally Lees sketches of roses

White Roses






Sketches of roses

I took various photographs of clusters of roses in bunches and sketched them from above. I then simplified the sketches giving the drawings a stylised feel.

Sally Lees RosesSally Lees Roses etched cufflinks
I drew a small area of roses with a fine nibbed pen which I repeated giving the finished design an organic feel to it as there are small gaps inbetween some of the rose shapes.The stylised drawings translated really well into repeat patterns.
The process of scanning the drawings and laying them up in a computer programme unified the design and the etching process also contributed to that look.

                     Sally Lees designing and making etched jewellery              

Once etched I cut up the silver to make all of the jewellery items.



They then went to Assay at Goldsmiths' Hall in London to be hallmarked where I am registered to hall mark my jewellery.

Some pieces had the roses drawings filled with gold giving them a luxurious feel.

Sally Lees roses monet clip


 Silver and gold Roses money clip.

Collections will be available to purchase at Handmade at Kew 6th - 9th October 2016



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