Social Enterprise Mark CIC Commission 2014

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 After making the plaques for Camden Council I was invited by The Social Enterprise Mark CIC to design and make the plaques for their Gold Mark Awards.
The plaques were presented at the House of Commons in November 2014
The winners at the House of Commons
Here is a little explanation about how I made the plaques.

We started off with the logo which had to be a prominent part of the design. Ocean photo from Greenwich Market printed the Social Enterprise logo onto aluminium and I cut it to size to fit onto the plaques. I dyed sheets of polished aluminium in yellow to match the logo. I had the idea to cut out the rings to echo their logo and overlap them. 


The original design didn't have a backing but we decided that a purple aluminium backing would really complete the design. So I dyed various sheets of polished sheet aluminum purple.


I cut around the rings and logo on each plaque then drilled holes through the various layers to rivet them. Copper wire was used for the rivets. 


The rings were laid up and holes drilled then riveted together with brass rivets. 


All the edges of the aluminum parts are filled down to smooth them. Then holes were drilled through the various plaques and bolted together along with a removable brass plaque that was engraved with the winners names. Every piece of the plaques was hand made including the hooks to hang them on the wall!

  There was a lot of cutting, filing and sanding down but the results were stunning.

Launched at the House of Commons in November 2014 The Social Enterprise Mark CIC awards plaques were presented to The University of Salford, John Taylor Hospice CIC and Integrated Care 24.

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