100 Years of Women's Suffrage - A Celebration exhibitions and events

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A series of exhibitions and events are planned to celebrate 100 years since the Representation of the People Act 1918 was introduced into English law.

At Cambridge University Library there is an exhibition of a collection of rare suffragette posters. They were rediscovered almost 100 years after they had been given to the library.

Here are a couple of the posters on display and more can be read about the exhibition in the Independent newspaper online.


Students at Birmingham University Design for Peformance course have used 1,600 metres of brown paper and 500 metres of corrugated cardboard to craft an exhibition featuring key figures from the Suffragette movement.


The Vote 100 project is also a great source of information about the events taking place across the country to celebrate women's suffrage.

One of the events that looks fun is Equaliteas a chance to join together and have a nice cup of tea while you discuss and debate equality.

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