Women's Sufrage Cuff

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Wear a Piece of British History

Celebrate Women's Suffrage with this Beautiful Cuff

This handcrafted lilac scrolls cuff was made for The Houses of Parliament Voice and Vote exhibition in 2018 as an addition to the 'New Dawn' jewellery collection made by Sally in 2016 to celebrate Women's Suffrage.

The design is a sketch of the end of the scrolls that is used in the 'New Dawn' light sculpture by Mary Branson. The Representation of the People Act gave women over 30 the vote for the first time in English history.

The cuff is made from digitally printed aluminium and available in red, green or purple.

Colours distinguished the many women's suffrage organisations with the most recognised being green, purple and white. However Millicent Fawcett's suffragist NUWSS organisation chose a combination of red and green to differenciate themselves from Emmeline Pankhurst's more militant WSPU who used purple and green as their organisation's colours.

Light weight and very comfortble to wear this cuff can be worn in the summer with a sleeveless dress or over a sweater sleeve to brighten up a winter outfit.

What is my Women's Suffrage cuff made from?

Materials:  Colourfast digitally printed and polished aluminium.

Colours: Available in lilac, red and green

Gift Packaging: Packaged in a white pillow box and accompanied by an information card 

Shipping: Free UK delivery. Free shipping to North America, Canada and Europe on orders over £40.00

Jewellery Care Instructions

Made by hand in Sally Lees's London Studio at Cockpit Arts

Due to the hand made nature of this product colours may vary slightly from the photograph shown.

The Story about the 'New Dawn' Collection

Sally Lees was commissioned in 2016 to create a collection of jewellery to accompany the installation of 'New Dawn', a light sculpture by Mary Branson to celebrate women's suffrage. Read about the commission on Sally's blog.

In 2018 Sally made additional 'New Dawn' jewellery items for the Voice & Vote Exhibition including cuffs and a new necklace.

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