'New Dawn' Suffragette reversible Pendant

  • £7000

Sally Lees has been commissioned to create a collection of jewellery to accompany the installation of 'New Dawn' a light sculpture by Mary Branson to celebrate women's suffrage.

The imagery on this pendant is inspired by the Parliamentary scrolls. The design is resist printed onto aluminum by hand then dyed some of the colours of the suffragete banners. The alumnium is polished to give it a shiny surface.

The pendant is printed on both sides in combinations of purple and red and green and yellow that in turn are connected together by silver wire. There is some movement in the pendant a the disks are alowed to spin slightly.

Each pendant is unique due to it's hand made nature. The dyed aluminium and hand printed imagery varies from piece to piece giving you a beautifully hand crafted piece of art jewellery.

Accompanied by an 18" silver chain.

The pendant is approximately 65mm in length with the upper disk 23mm in diametre and the lower disk 19mm in diamtre.

Made in London.

Free UK delivery.

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