'New Dawn' Women's Suffrage Reversible Pendant

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Show your solidarity with the suffragettes! Celebrate women's suffrage with this handcrafted purple and green reversible pendant designed and made by Sally Lees.

The pattern on the pendant are scrolls and come from Sally's jewellery collection inspired and made to accompany the launch of 'New Dawn' in Westminster in 2016 to celebrate women's suffrage.

Sally was commissioned by the Houses of Parliament to create the 'New Dawn' collection of jewellery in 2016 then again in 2018 and was sold in the Houses of Parliament and House of Lords shops.

The colours are an integral part of the suffragette campaigns with Purple standing for dignity, green for hope and white for purity and the suffragettes often wore combinations of these colours in their jewellery and clothing.

What is my pendant made from and how big is it?

Materials: Digitally printed aluminium in purple and green with sterling silver chain

Size: Cross section size approx 4cm

Gift Box: The pendant comes in the same beautiful white gift box that originally accompanied purchases from the launch of 'New Dawn' at the Houses of Parliament shop.

Shipping: Free UK delivery. Free shipping to North America & Canada on orders over £40.00

Made in Sally's London studio at Cockpit Arts

Due to the hand made nature of this product colours may vary slightly from the photograph shown.

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