Birth Flower Earrings - October's Marigolds in Orange

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Gifts for October

October's birth flower is the Marigold and this beautiful flower adorns these star stud earrings.

What better way to celebrate an October birthday than by gifting these beautifully hand crafted birth flower earrings.

These earrings can be worn in the summer or winter months and with bright or neutral tones and could be the perfect Christmas gift for an October birthday girl.

How does Sally make the earrings?

These cute stud earrings are hand crafted from polished aluminium. Made by printing sheets of aluminium with Sally's original drawings of Marigolds, the patterns are in a silvery colour as the aluminium has been dyed a vibrant orange around the print. The aluminium is then cut into star shapes with sterling silver posts soldered to create a rivet then riveted through the centre of the stars. The aluminium is colourfast and waterproof.

What are the earrings made from and how big are they?

Materials: Dyed Aluminium with sterling silver posts and butterflies

Size: Approx 1.5cm t the widest point.

Handcrafted in London by Sally Lees at her studio at Cockpit Arts

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