Real Jewellery for real people

Sally Lees makes jewellery for everyone. Her designs are worn by people of all ages and all walks of life.

I met a woman in a lift in the Royal Festival Hall recentl'y and decided to go in the very exciting singing lift. The lift  journey is accompanied by 'ah ah ah ah ah ah' with each level punctuated with 'Level one!' sang in the in lowest baritone up to 'Level six' in the highest soprano.

On our second journey (you have to try to experience continuous singing - which is difficult when people join the lift at every floor!) a lady got in the lift with her children.

I noticed that she was wearing a bright yellow cuff with butterfly motifs on and after straining to see it realised that it was one of my creations! I then said 'I made that cuff you're wearing!' and she said that she had bought it in Greenwich Market some time ago

I asked her for a photograph and she was very kind and said yes!

At King's Cross Canopy Market in June a woman came along and I noticed that she was wearing a pair of green stud earrings with a floral motif on them. It turned out when i spoke to her that they were a pair of earrings she had bought from me at a show at Cockpit Arts. She was happy to have her photograph taken too.

If you are a customer who would like to be featured on my website then send a photo of yourself wearing your purchase.

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